Urgent Media Crisis Management

Media Crisis Management Team

There hasn't ever been a more important time to have a crisis management team on your side

KBA's Media Crisis Management team offer a reassuring 24/7 protection, rescue and mitigating damage service.

Why is media crisis management important?

Having a plan in place ahead of time, for any type of media crisis or challenge, is good advice since if it was ever to happen, you may not have the time and clear-head to deal with it effectively. What you do or don't say at the time could affect the whole outcome.

Being prepared is essential, since none of us is immune from any media challenges, and an organisation could be absolutely devastated by such.

Why are we experts in media crisis management?

KBA's PR Media Crisis Management team deal with Pre-crisis, Crisis response, Post-crisis and Media training. Our team is composed of journalists who know exactly how the media works and how to handle the crisis preparation, crisis response and post-crisis, which are the keys to controlling any future stories.

What are the benefits of pre-crisis preparation?

It is good safeguarding practice to be prepared for a media crisis because what you have in place already will buy time. Setting up a method for internal investigations, even if you are operating in an ethical, legal and fair way, also adds value to a company from a shareholder's point of view, too. An effective and objective internal investigation can also be looked on favourably by government agencies and Select Committees, in their considerations of whether to assess your company for civil or criminal penalties. 

A good safeguarding practice that is tailored to the culture and capabilities of the company could stop a lot of mess. 

When crisis safeguarding rules are followed and implemented immediately when an allegation of wrongdoing is reported, it could affect the outcome greatly. 

How do we respond for crises in the media?

Depending on the circumstances, we respond quickly and with our own press statements, so your side of the story is told as soon as possible. If there is nothing to add at this point, at least you have gained control with your positions as a credible key source and can present your side. If they media tell a story and you or a key spokesperson doesn't talk, other people will be found that will happily speak to the media. They may use the platform to criticise further and add fuel to the fire, which of course can exacerbate the negative effect of the story.

There are so many possible scenarios of outcomes when it comes down to a crisis in the media, but we are experienced with all responses, looking at the crisis holistically.

If it is a story that involves victims, for instance, we can prepare a statement that is focused around them.

Accuracy is also key because inconsistencies in information given to the media creates uncertainty, incompetence and depending on the news that is published, it could cause huge reputation damage and mayhem in the public in no time, since the internet allows for the facilitation of news being spread all over the world in no time. Speaking in one voice in a crisis allows for accuracy, credibility and belief.

This is where we will ensure that everyone is speaking with a consistent voice and delivering consistent messages because chances are that it won't be just you that will speak your side of the story. Delivery is imperative for crisis response. Our media crisis management team will assist you with getting the right crisis response messages out quickly and thoughtfully in the media, online and any other notification systems, where necessary. 

We will be right by your side if you are asked to attend a Select Committee interview to give evidence, which will alleviate the daunting feelings. You can read our Select Committee preparation service here

What happens, post-crisis? 

Our media crisis management team will continue delivering reputation repair or initiate reputation repair in the post-crisis phase, where we can work on PR campaigns to focus on the good that your company does or the great things that you do.

We would present you in as much positive light as possible and hit the media across all channels, spreading the good news. Sometimes, a possible catastrophic story in the media can be turned around into a very positive story that highlights the strengths of an organisation and its people. We always prepare for this opportunity, and it can be a glorious ending.

Keeping positive in a media crisis

Effective crisis management can minimise the damage and very often allow you or your organisation to emerge stronger and more positive than before the crisis.

Of course, nobody has immunity from a crisis, so having an experienced media team in place - just in case - is an advisable thing to do. Our team at KBA ensure the right stories are being told for a positive, far reaching outcome. You will be glad that you have called us. (+44) (0)207 734 9995.