Profile building PR

Profile building PR

How do you get talked about for the right reason?

If you are wanting to build your personal profile and your business, you may have tried advertising and direct marketing and feel a little flat about the results.

Are you looking for more attention?

We know that you have this amazing business and we know that you want hype, excitement, attention and people to buy into it, invest in it and join you in your crusade to be the best in your field. We know that you want to tell the whole world about it because everyone needs your service.

You might be left wondering who would be the best people to help you achieve that, since searching online has left you feeling exasperated and self promotion is not a forte of yours.

Presenting you in the best storytelling way possible and with the right personalisation is essential. If you or your brand is mentioned by a respected expert or in the media in a positive light, then this is pure gold public relations, which is what we like to do for our clients. 

Profile Building PR with Platform Coverage

One of our Client’s Briefs was to build and enhance her personal profile by positioning her in the media as the ‘go to’ expert in her field of a relationship, life coach and dating expert. What we ultimately achieved went far beyond the expectations and she is now positioned highly as a businesswoman and entrepreneur and she has an ever-growing database of followers and clients.

Here is how our profile building PR team exceeded that brief:

    • We set the narrative to create a huge buzz about what she does and wrote and sent press releases and pushed to relevant media outlets.

    • We targeted specific publications, using our 360 approach, across a broad range of media (digital, print and broadcast). This included ITV’s breakfast show – Good Morning Britain; Talk Radio; The Evening Standard; double page in mass market newspaper The Sun; Daily Mail; Mail on Sunday; Sunday Express; S Magazine and the incredibly influential Mail Online. This all appealed to the audience that aligned with her demographic.

    • The coverage on all media platforms reached an audience of over 200 million.

    • During the profile building PR campaign, our client made appearances on prime-time TV, made 4 guest appearances on various radio stations and she wrote and talked to the media about the dating landscape. She also appeared in x10 print and other digital publications on relationships, the business world and how to get into leadership roles.

    • Utilising our industry contacts to amplify her profile, she attended London’s fashion week, prestigious brand launches and red carpet events and an International Women’s Day event.

Done well, by this well-executed plan, we made her business appear larger, more established and she gained the all-important brand credibility. She was happy to report that the campaign attracted a huge increase in traffic to her business but also great investors and attractive prospective employees. With profile building PR, her business has grown tenfold, internally as well as externally.

It is vital with already established and trusted brands that you consistently engage with interested parties and demonstrate the core values of your company and projections for performance in the future. PR can help to further reach and reformulate the aims and targets of a new service, product and your all-important brand. This is all essential with a profile building PR campaign. 

Storytelling skills, experience, hard work ethics, honesty, passion and connections are just some elements of what makes a great PR agent, as you will be at the top of their mind daily, as they consistently think about how to achieve great profile building PR for you. A good PR agent lives and breathes their work, and you will feel it and see the results.

Having a great PR team on board is essential for your business growth. Once your story, there is no doubt that not only will you attract new audiences with coverage across all platforms and most possibly invitations for appearances on TV and radio and high profile events, but also attractive employees and investment.

There is so much that a Profile Building PR Campaign can do when done correctly with the right PR agents and creating buzz, excitement and attention about your amazing business will just be the start of it.