Celebrity reputation PR

Celebrity reputation PR

How can we help with celebrity reputation PR

If you are famous, in the public eye and you need celebrity reputation protection, read on.

Scores of celebrities have been trusting us with their PR for nearly 30 years 

There has never been a more important time to have someone experienced in PR by your side, who will guide you and give wise counsel, no matter what time of the day.

Our celebrity reputation PR agents understand that the very medium that built you up, has the ability to drag you down just as quickly. We are here to support as well as promote our wonderful talent, if they experience the negative consequences of being famous.

That is why our PR agency is unique. We are a one-stop profile platform; managing appropriate engagement and shows, public relations, profiles, brands and crisis management - online and offline - all under one roof.

There's a reassurance in our celebrity reputation PR and it is why many of our talents have built their careers through us, and it is why we are assisting new talent with carving their own niche.

Through the experience of being in the public relations and crisis management game for decades collectively and evolving with new technologies, we understanding the power of the digital landscape. 

Protecting you from unfair attacks on your reputation

As none of us are immune from reputation attacks, and celebrities being especially vulnerable, having someone that knows what to do to build your career as well as keep you buoyant and protected is what makes our celebrity reputation PR stand out. 

Our celebrity reputation PR agents provide balance and perspective.

The lack of privacy, being harassed by photographers and being photographed by the public when you are in public can really affect you and feel intrusive, often outweighing the priceless and amazing things that you are doing or have done.

Your benefit for working with us as your celebrity reputation PR partner

Being managed by a boutique talent agency by the same PR agent that also looks after you in a crisis has so many benefits. First and foremost, we will know you, know what to do and how to handle this with you. Our celebrity reputation PR team will make you feel like part of their family, so you will feel cushioned and prepared and have a positive light shined on you.

Our PR firm celebrates with you when you are feeling euphoric about landing more great work. We empathise if you are feeling the negative effects of being in the public eye; feeling a little lost, frustrated and fragile. You may just need some good, honest advice about some impending news that may appear online and need our assistance steering it around. You will feel supported and in control, with the tools on what to comment and how to behave in public with great media training. 

Having a PR agency, that manages your bookings and your reputation, that realises your ambition, gets you good work, feels like family and anticipates crises is like hitting jackpot. One that is renown for how well they look after, care and protect their people, could be key in keeping you feeling protected, buoyant and level-headed. One that is well connected and knows a good internet savvy lawyer who will answer their phone in the middle of the night.


There has never been more of a need to have a trusted and experienced celebrity reputation PR agency when you are in the public eye. Trying to think clearly about how to steer certain aspects of your life, whether there are public struggles or some bad news online could feel restrictive and many people in the public eye can feel like they are living like a fugitive. Needing someone in your corner, 24/7, has never felt so imperative.

We are a comprehensive profile management agency; building your career up, keeping you buoyant and looking out for you is what we like to do. After all, we exist because people are what we are all about and our reputations are affected, fairly or unfairly, by the opinions, sentiments and prejudices of those that may not know us.