PR and Media Relations management

PR and Media Relations management

Our PR Approach

We understand how to achieve good PR and media relations publicity with relevant, engaging and trusted information delivered to the right publications, across the globe.

Our approach to PR and media relations is current, thoughtful, creative, reliable, tactical and 360 degrees. In this rapidly changing industry, we keep our clients at the forefront as we change and move along with new technologies, trends and methodologies. Always with intelligent, lateral, forward thinking stories, understanding about what makes a good story and great angle.

We have strong relationships across the sectors, our network and connections give us great reach and go right to the top of industry and the media. 

Unique personal touch

What you get is the personal touch of a boutique agency with a big agency impact and with a little something extra: a mixture of tenacity, passion and dedication.

We specialise in getting brands and businesses talked about for all the right reasons. Whether you are a start-up needing profile building and recognition or a large brand wanting to showcase assets, or perhaps seeking to re-position yourself, our PR and Media Relations team will work the hardest to meet your objectives. 

We work closely with our clients, getting to know what they want to achieve and manage expectations and then we work on getting the maximum results. Our strategies are always engaging and tactical, with the ultimate goal of achieving the end solution of drawing in your consumer, raising profiles and managing reputations. 

Press connections

Our powerhouse storytelling team with press backgrounds, are constantly evolving and adapting. We are continuously seeking out impressionable, relevant opportunities for story angles that will take a client where they need and want to be with their brand, product and positioning.

We harness the power of storytelling, talent, collaborations, content, publicity, media and press to develop narratives that will connect audiences to our clients. 

It is all about the timing, pitching, communication, consistent messaging and connections. Whether you want the solution to be a live event, a media relations campaign, a PR stunt, broadcast interviews, a celebrity ambassador or crisis management team by your side, we work as an extension of your team.

Influencers and digital talent managers

Our PR and Media Relations teamwork across multi-layered media platforms from the tabloids to the broadsheets, the women's weeklies to the premium monthlies and the all-important weekend supplements and regional publications, as well as recognising the appropriate influencers and digital talent managers across the online communities.

We know that the right person at the right event holds tremendous PR value. Influencers can also bring fabulous PR value, since they can showcase health and beauty and lifestyle products and  audiences get to see products and services being used and how they benefit. 

We often over exceed with amazing coverage but we are mindful about managing expectations. We like to be honest from the get-go and our promise is always that we will work our hardest for our clients and always with transparency.

A huge network of people all across the media

Many know that good press rarely comes without effort and often, it is all about access. We have long standing, positive relationships with a huge network of people all across the media digital and print platforms, who value our integrity and the kind of clients we represent. With our warm, enthusiastic, keen interest in everyone and the love for what we do, it translates into long relationships of hard work, socials and results that make everyone happy. 

Love and passion to helping our clients succeed

We not only understand good PR and media relations - we absolutely love it. Our clients come first and we get much pleasure in achieving their aims and ambitions, reaching audiences, getting in a positive light. 

An internationally experienced PR agency like KBA, with global connections, is integral to giving the right global perception of your brand and getting it right from the start is crucial. It is no wonder that people say that they get something more from our PR agency that they hadn't had before. Give us a call and you and everyone around you will feel it, too!