London Sports PR Campaign

London Sports PR Campaign

London Sports PR Campaign for Puma Sport

What is Puma's #TheWarmUp2 

Puma's #TheWarmUp2 event is a celebration of the Forever Faster campaign, which is Puma's marketing statement to remind people that they will continue to be the fastest sports brand in the world.

What did we set ourselves to do for the London sports PR campaign

We were asked to raise awareness of Puma's #TheWarmUp2 event, which was taking place in London in a converted warehouse just off Sloan Square in Chelsea. 

As with all of our PR campaigns and media relations, we delve deep into the brand's ethos and set out to achieve the absolute best for our clients, to not only achieve the objectives but to live in people's memories. We also look to maximise on everything that we do. So, we set about creating an ideal, influencing guest list that will give the sports PR campaign event more visibility, strength and raise awareness, including press contacts, celebrities, performers and iconic sports personalities. 

Then, of course, we send out the invitations to the sports PR campaign event and contact celebrity agents. 

Press releases are written and sent to our contacts in the media to create a big buzz about the event. 

Strategy for enhancing the success of a London sports PR campaign 

A well-thought out strategy is at the forefront of a successful PR campaign. The decisions that are made when putting the strategy together are crucial to the overall success, since it ensures that everything is well-aligned with those initial intentions. 

It always begins with a Sports PR campaign vision: defining the goal and the objectives. How will the London sports PR campaign event look? How will it feel and where will it take place? Timelines, budgets, attendees and what needs to be achieved, realistically. 

PR campaign goals are set, working in the SMART way: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Based.

Results are captured throughout the event's life cycle, which extends long after the event, capturing successes and challenges and here, this aids for robust ongoing and future PR campaigns.

When a sports PR campaign agency is employed as part of your ongoing communications team, it is a powerful collaboration, since they will know the importance of how to replicate the success. They will be able to assist with your Brand's growth from the challenges that may have incurred and they anticipate innovation for any future events.  

Understanding the audience is absolutely paramount to successful PR campaigns and identifying the ideal attendee of an event. Getting to the core of why they would choose to attend the event over any other sports event. 

So, venue, high-profile attendees (dignitaries, shareholders, celebrities) as well as speakers, performers and diverse entertainment are well thought out. Themes (boomerangs were statement visuals here), points of interest (immersive photo zone megabooth) and challenges (with new Puma Uprising football boots) giveaways (free trims from A Star barbers), crisis management and media coverage are all considered cohesively with an experienced, expert PR team. Attendees may need management. Performers may need equipment. 

The message of the PR campaign should always be in keeping with the brand and the mission statement. 

Organised and good event management is essential and ensuring all guests are happy and that event execution is to a high standard on the actual day is imperative. 

With Puma's #TheWarmUp2 sports PR campaign, we had such positive client feedback. An outstanding 183 celebrity guests attended the sports pr campaign event, including Usain Bolt, Mario Balotelli, Sergio Auero and Marta Vieira da Silva. Musicians Krept and Konan attended the PR event, as well as Lisa Mafia, reality star Nathan Massey and Youtuber KSI. 

Performances at Puma's #TheWarmUp2 sports PR campaign event were made by rappers: 23 Unofficial and Sneakbo. 

A brilliant social media coverage was achieved with the PR campaign, with over 3.8m followers. We achieved media coverage worth £18m, with articles in national outlets, including The Mail Online and The Sun.