Mixing PR with social media

Mixing PR with social media

Mixing PR with social media for really powerful results

If you are wanting to spread the word of what is already happening, then Social Media will be finite but knitting it together with what an experienced, well-connected PR firm can do is extremely powerful.

Why mixing PR with social media works well

Good PR isn’t just about about getting broader coverage of your message on-air and all of the digital channels, nationally, regionally and internationally, in a timely way. It is about getting good advice and getting the dna of your message to the hearts of the right audiences, that will strengthen your reputation and not shatter it.

Being active and consistently posting messages on Social Media to engage with your audience, whether you are a business or in the public eye is wonderful but it may not be quite enough for the long term; for any new products that deserve a big launch or to be noticed globally.

If you are wanting to get your charity noticed, get a good debate going, want to see a change in policies or sell tickets to your show, then Social Media will be great but imagine combining it together with what a creative, experienced, well-connected PR firm?

Mixing PR with social media is really far-reaching and effective, when done well as many avid social media practitioners are now realising, using all the different channels and witnessing the results.

Depending what your message is, you need the expertise and wise counsel of a PR firm. If your message involves opinions or debates, a voice of reason and corrective narrative, coming from a well-informed source is necessary. Too often, social media can muddy the waters where debates are concerned, since it can act as an amplifier, igniting comments and outrage and warp messages.

To get your message heard and acted on in a far-reaching way and gain the ultimate coverage, consider telling a good story with a trained and experienced PR agency on board. A good PR agency will generate interest in your message, in different areas of the media as well as have your reputation for the long term, in the forefront of that message.

Experienced, lateral thinking, trusted PR agents will generate good, creative and editorial content with distribution across the necessary channels, mixing PR with social media, for your message. They will look at the story from different angles, pick out the most interesting elements of it and make a succinct and clear message and put that story across the relevant platforms. Getting good coverage with stories that are understood by audiences is a real speciality. A PR firm that works swiftly, diligently and has good, trusted relationships with people all across the broadcasting channels can help you achieve this.

How good storytelling helps in PR coverage and reputation

Facts on their own can be rather bland. Finding interesting elements of stories can deepen understanding and help you connect with your audience. Stories affirm who you are and people want affirmations and to connect through stories. Good engagement is where people are connected to your story, whether you make them laugh, act, cry, buy or promote them to do something.

In essence, to make your audience care, as with a charity promotion PR campaign say, a story should be told well; emotionally or intellectually, evoke honesty and trust and build your reputation. The point of a good story will be bringing your message to life and be reputation-enhancing. Essentially, that is what people will be buying-your reputation.

A multi channel approach with digital marketing and social media support, is the best practice to reach many audiences. 

Maximising social media presence helps validate your brand, when done correctly, and it tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on thriving communication with consumers. It is one of the best ways to keep your customers informed and it is a great way to deliver key messaging to the masses. This is where our strategic social planning strategies demonstrate their success, as creative direction and engagement with target audiences are achieved and with SEO positioning, increase social followers. 

One well defined strong story with the right coverage can get a powerful message straight to the heart of your audience, hold them, gain trust, define you, change your profile, shift perceptions, get conversations going and set the direction for the future.

By sticking with social media alone, you could be missing out. A digital marketing, Social media and PR combination is incredibly powerful.

Mixing PR with social media and the multi channels will make a magnificent, measurable difference to your world.