Celebrating Success PR

Celebrating Success PR

KBA PR - 25th Anniversary Celebrations

How did we go about arranging and hosting a celebration party for our beloved and unique Leader's 25th Anniversary (2017) in the media industry 

A quarter of a century of being in the media industry (it's almost thirty now), is something to be celebrated and Keith Bishop is a person is to be celebrated.

When tasked with organising a party for Keith, the first two big challenges that we had were:

Where would be big enough to hold all of his friends, colleagues and clients?

Where would reflect his personality perfectly?

We think Cafe de Paris did us proud.

Guest list, invitations, flowers, presentations, entertainment, speeches, signage, social media, photographer, videographer and even wine tasting were all successfully overseen by our very own events coordinator, Deboshree.

What can be achieved when you use the most effective celebrating success PR strategies

Celebrating success PR events are a chance to shine and get some publicity! Whether they are public or private, there are a plethora of reasons why publicity is necessary and at the very least, helpful. 

We would advise involving PR as early as you can because like we mentioned for this occasion, the first thoughts are: location - that would reflect personality or portray a certain image, capacity, date and publicity clashes. PR agents know what is going on at any time and they plan events around other events and ensure, as much as they can, that nothing will either trump yours in terms of attendees - or, hope that a major event will take over the media's attention, if you want more privacy.

If you have a celebration event upcoming and you have already ordered the champagne and the balloons and booked the location, consider what a PR agent, skilled in meticulous communication, can add to the party that will be far-reaching, exciting, influencing and sales generating whilst maximising on the celebration. 

'Celebrating Success' PR agents are 'people people' that work to schedule and are strategic and creative thinkers, so are perfect for your event management and media relations. They are detail-orientated, well connected and are fabulous organisers, as well as possessing the all-important 360 communication fastidiousness. These skills alone ensure that not only events run smoothly but ensures overall success, no matter the objective. Of course, celebrating success PR looks different with each event, as goals and outcomes vary but the common thread is for it to be memorable (for the right reasons), well-attended and for any potential challenges, dispersed. It is advisable to check that the PR team have a crisis management team or plan in place.

Top PR agents work with the press and media and have innumerable contacts, will arrange entertainment and write the speeches. They will think where, why, which, how, sounds, visuals and themes. The PR agents will act as your spokespeople and help deliver to please shareholders. You might need hashtags, VIPs, influencers, Instagrammable areas, participation booths, front of desk organisers, singers, speakers, drinks sponsorship and a procurement of accommodation!

Press releases will be written to incite excitement, buzz and energy to your entertainment event. Content will be created and given to press contacts. Carefully thought out images will be professionally taken by a managed and prepped photographer at the event, which will be scrutinised before they leave the building, released for circulation and a pandemonium of sharing. 

It certainly is a great time to leverage that celebration as a compelling campaign and get some good press and maximise on the publicity. It could be a good time to have a reputation revamp, a rebrand, a brand awareness event or to showcase your new products. A celebration events PR campaign may include showcasing your new Anniversary product! 

It's an opportunity to be creative and perhaps draw on the company values, integrity, experiences, how it began, the journey or how you have evolved. Highlighting your brand's messaging and vision is powerful. Our Soho PR team will find the hook and create some wonderful storytelling about you and/or your business that we can showcase. 

Many businesses, when having a celebration find that their staff feel appreciated, acknowledged and more connected with their team members. Depending on the size of the business, many people may only know their colleagues by zoom meetings and telephone. A celebration event, bringing your people together is so good for business, since the positive aspects of your team motivation as a result, will be sizeable. 

An anniversary is definitely an opportunity to have a think about your journey, stir up some hype and get people talking. Or you may just want a 'celebrating success' PR agency to arrange, host and manage your party, who will think of everything, while you network and mingle.

Remember that an Anniversary is an opportunity to showcase you and your brand and a celebration event should reflect your personality with the aim of attendees receiving a total brand experience that's powerful, consistent - memorable!

When it is someone super special that you are celebrating, like an iconic, PR guru like Keith Bishop, that has been right by so many people's side, all over the world, not only giving wise counsel to the world famous but treating the man at the corner shop the same, it deserves great consideration.

When you are celebrating the quarter century of that person being in the media industry; keeping people in the news for the right reasons and realising people's ambitions but also being a kind, big-hearted, fun, loyal and trusted, generous friend, it had to be a unique, luxurious celebration in a venue with class and glamour. It had to be an unforgettable night.

KBA PR's 25th Anniversary Celebrations at Cafe de Paris was a fantastic evening. Keith's speech went down a storm. Thanks were extended to many, with a lot of laughs thrown in. 

An absolutely brilliant celebration event loved by all who attended, that will live long in the memory. 

With the right 'celebrating success' PR agents, once the stage is set, your 'all singing all dancing' event will undoubtedly get a standing ovation!