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Getting positive press PR firm

Ensuring our clients are in the news for the right reasons.

What is important about getting positive press

Getting positive press is essential when you are trying to cultivate or maintain your own or your organisation's reputation and attract the attention of potential new fans, clients, production companies, show slots, appearances, directors, investors, sponsors and there are methods to doing it well. We are in this business because we love enhancing and protecting reputations, building credibility and profiles and expanding awareness by generating maximum positive press value in everything we do. 

Why are we expert on getting positive press

We have been ensuring our clients get good press for almost thirty years.

Our team have spent a lot of time building and maintaining strong relationships with journalists, learning what they want in terms of news and topics and delivering engaging, relevant content in the right way, at the right time. They know that if we call, we are not going to waste their time, so the chances are higher for press coverage. The trust that we have built is paramount to the success of achieving good press and publicity for our clients. 

Staying in the know, listening, analysing, being connected, creative, nourishing and experience is crucial when you are looking for a public relations firm that can help you in the long term in getting positive press.

It would be best if you had good strategies in place where all points of impact on clients are considered. After all, words on the internet stick around, and when your name is tapped into the internet, you want to been seen in a positive light ten / twenty years later. Of course, there are going to be the odd pieces on the internet that might contain fake news or unfounded information about you and this is where we can work with our lawyers or just saturate the space online with nothing but positive press about you. 

Other ways we work out getting good press for you

As well as ensuring that you are seen in the right place and with the best light possible, that your tours and shows are highlighted glowingly all across the press, we secure your attendances at events and presentations that align with your personal PR goals. 

If you are looking to be booked at high-profile venues on local, national and international levels and where we can bridge other artists' audiences with yours or if you would like to be aligned with charitable causes and celebrity or sports collaborations, we match demographics, amalgamate shared visions and selfless connections and elevate you wherever we can.

All crucial steps are considered when widening your public exposure, and we particularly endeavour to create long-lasting positive memories for your audiences and for yourself. Furthermore, the obligatory publicity that you need to do might not be your favourite part of being in the public eye, and that is why so many clients appreciate our media training and connections.

Putting you at ease and making sure that you are calm, prepared and have fun, whilst doing your promoting and protecting you, are specialities.

Many events, like Red Carpet events and Award shows are perfect opportunities to network with other professionals like yourself and establish relationships that will take you even further. Wearing a designer's clothes at these events can also make for a positive collaboration, so putting a fashion designer's work in front of our clients for their consideration when attending shows and events can assist in elevating a designer's profile. Some of our collaborations have resulted in the clients designing their 'own collection' under the designer's label, which has assisted both parties in getting positive press. 

How do we go about organising positive press

So, we look at where we want to get coverage for you, and then we write the releases and make the calls. Depending on where you and your story fit, we get in touch with all of our contacts across national print press, which includes digital and social, radio stations, TV networks, magazines, regional press, third sector and more and we aim for maximum results.  

With Grand Openings, for instance, we understand how important that your business is displayed in the best possible way with the right guests and the right media attraction with the right targeted press releases, that will offer a return on investment and solidify a wonderfully successful affair.

So we look all across the channels, with our 360 approach and think about where best you and your news will be best placed to reach the right audience to get you attention. There is an extensive amount of places and platforms that we can place you. With every opportunity, we aim to get as much positive press as possible and as what comes with the digital world, getting yourself noticed is limitless.

We get so much pleasure when we measure how far-reaching, extended and exceeding at getting positive press coverage we have achieved for our clients. Being committed to our clients and working hard for our clients and realising the impact that has exceeded goals is a fantastic reward. 

With carefully thought out strategies on structure, placement, pitching, extending stories and amplifying the news, it is no wonder we have a huge roster of success in highlighting profiles at the following:

      • Full Scale National and International Tour Publicity

      • Award Shows

      • Corporate Communications

      • Press Launches and Junkets

      • Press Office Services

      • Event Management

      • Grand openings for stores, restaurants, bars, clubs...

      • TV Appearances

      • Film Premieres

      • Media Screenings

      • Red Carpet Events

      • Music and Festivals

      • Charity and Non-Profit Events

      • Select Committee Services

      • Presentations

      • All Broadcast Interviews

Let's start a conversation about the positive messaging that you or your organisation want to propel when we maximise the return on getting positive press.