PR campaign for brand development

PR campaign for brand development

Lara Asprey Brand Development

Who is Lara Asprey

Lara Asprey is the CEO and Founder of The Love Company, which offers world class matchmaking. In 2018 Lara became the face of the popular dating show ‘The Ultimate Matchmaker.'

What did we set ourselves to do for Lara's Brand development

Our team of PR experts was instructed to help build and enhance Lara Asprey's personal profile. We also tasked ourselves with promoting Laura's agency - Asprey Introductions - supporting her with expert positioning in the national press and ensuring she receives full credit for being the 'go-to' relationship expert.

Strategy in enhancing PR and brand development campaigns 

One of the most successful strategic principles in developing PR campaigns for brand development is to ensure there is a targeted campaign aimed as specific quality publications across a broad range of relevant media. This includes the development of digital PR campaign, hard print publications and television and Internet broadcast. Each PR campaign must appeal to a particular set of audience. In this particular case, we have carefully matched and aligned Lara's demographic audiences to her very targeted message. 

To be able to achieve this, our dedicated team of PR campaign experts relentlessly created and submitted press releases to the appropriate media. Each one of us, who worked in this PR campaign for brand development, was assigned a specific media outlet for them to focus on, cherish and develop. Each media outlet was receiving regular updates in a manner which suited them to ensure maximum co-operation. 

The second most important strategic principle in a PR campaign for brand development is to gain a variety of coverage on all media platforms. We call this 'massive action.' This strategy is bound to produce an outcome which is strong, powerful and dynamic. 

The third most important strategic principle in creating a PR campaign for brand development is for the PR agency to be able to utilise its industry contacts effectively. In the case of Laura, due to our long term personal contacts and relationships we were able to showcase our client through appropriate red carpet, guest lists and prestigious events, which often are hard to get. 

Finally, any PR campaign for brand development must be highly focused on what your client really wants to be known for. Here, it was important for our client to be shown for what she really is, which made our lives so much easier. It was therefore the easiest part of our job to present Lara to be the great businesswoman and entrepreneur she is. 

What can really be achieved when you use the most effective PR campaign for brand development

Have a look and see for yourself just to see how much positive coverage our campaign for brand development was achieved for Lara Asprey.

You can see that over a relatively short period of time, we managed to secure a variety of coverage across all platforms using our 360 degree approach with all media outlets: broadcast, print and digital.

Off line and traditional publications are of course an essential element of any PR campaign for brand development. So, in addition to all those online publications we have created a double-page spread in mass market publications, a whole spread in the popular newspaper The Sun, an appearance on Britain's most popular breakfast show - Good Morning Britain, dozens of radio interviews on LBC, Talk Radio and BBC and this is in addition to full page articles in The Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, S Magazine and Sunday Express.

During the course of the campaign, our client appeared numerous times on prime time television, made countless guest appearances on various radio stations and wrote and talked to the media about the dating landscape, about her business and about other topics of interest. To amplify this fantastic PR campaign for brand development we secured Lara's attendance in more brand launches and events that most celebrity attend in a life time which included London Fashion Week and the International Women's Day breakfast.

The total audience coverage we have reached far exceeds 200 million people, across all platforms.