Hounded by the media

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Are you being hounded by the media?

In a digital world of clickbait and distortion, what chance for escape do people have who are in the public eye, with any snippet of good press, bad press, personal opinion or being linked to an unfounded crime or civil wrongdoing? There are too many online 'experts', 'commentators', 'critiques', gossip bloggers and well, people that love to spread rumours and share bad news, who could target you unfairly.

If you cannot escape from being hounded by the media, the feeling can be all-encompassing and enveloping. As much as you try to cast it away, because it is on the internet, there isn't an escape and you cannot help but think that people believe that there is no smoke without fire. 

You could be quite innocent but you are left feeling guilty, as the news gains speed around the internet, it can feel debilitating and relentless.

With the coverage that people in the public eye get from the tabloids and social media platforms and gossip blogs, one can barely even do something as simple as take a walk without it being reported to the masses. So, if there is an allegation attached to you as well, it is not a surprise that it will not go unnoticed and unreported and spread all over the internet. 

The informal alliance between the press, police, internet, prosecutors, bloggers and just people that get some sort of sick kick out of spreading bad news is horrendously overwhelming. As they all become a union in furnishing the details for lurid headlines, furious tweets and more angry, hateful followers can bring about such interpersonal torture if it is happening to you.

Hounded by the media help

Mishandling or experiencing further investigation can make you feel debilitated and isolated and when it is splashed all across the media, you can feel that things are over for your reputation and your career.

If you don't know what you need because you are suffering from the ramifications of press intrusion and being hounded by the media, we recognise that it can feel debilitating and no amount of advice will take that away. 

We would advise firstly, quit your social media accounts, even to just take a breather. It will most definitely help. We promise. Your fans will still love you. The people that you love that matter, have your phone number. 

Secondly, as hard as it may seem, resist the impulse to physically hide away. You do stand a chance and there is room to resolve the crisis. Remembering that your news is on a cycle and there will be another story along soon and some other poor person will be having to deal with negative publicity. There isn't any comfort in knowing that anyone is going through being hounded by the media but this is just to reiterate that you are in a wave at the moment and it will ease off. We just need to help you get through this.

Thirdly, try and think about how impersonal it all is and that you do not know any one of these people writing about you. Even if there is an inkling of truth in the online news, everyone's comments are really just toxic and not worth your energy. They are not important and your real friends and people that you love are the ones that have words that you care about. Let the attacks roll off your back. Others opinions on your life do not matter. You matter more than random comments from strangers. 

Fourthly, do not speak to the press unless you have a PR expert advising you what to say and what not to say. Remember at this point that a PR expert by your side will turn it around and you won't feel the same way. We assure you that trusted PR expertise is absolutely imperative for a great survival of being hounded by the media. 

Fifthly, remember that you are not alone. There are experts that can support and offer you 'hounded by the media help'. 

Who do you need to fight back? 

You need a trusty advisor. You need someone to protect you from it all.

You need a PR firm that is experienced with the handling of protecting people when they are being hounded by the media or bombarded with negative press against them; a PR firm that is strong on reputation protection and rescue.  

A PR firm that knows how the media works and how imperative it is that you have someone in your corner right now. One that has empathy and understanding and will work on getting some positive news about you out there. 

A PR firm that is caring and loving at a time when you feel vulnerable and unclear about what the future holds. One that works with specialist lawyers, should you need one for breach of privacy, inaccuracy, intrusion, harassment or something that is not of public interest. Being made accountable and fear of being sued will most likely cease publications. We can stop stories or shape them into positive ones. 

Our 'hounded by the media help' team want to help you get through this.

We have almost 30 years of experience of protecting and rescuing good people from the serious harm of the coalition of moral persecution with allegations in the media. When the police have mishandled a crime and you are in the public eye, you can feel destroyed despite claims not being proven.

We want to support you through it and get back autonomy over your reputation and what is being reported. 'Hounded by the media help' is here. We endeavour to do the impossible, work around the hours to achieve respite from negative news and focus on flooding the news with good and fresh information. We are often at the forefront of turning difficult, sensationalised stories into a positive ones. 

We are a passionate PR and Media Relations firm with a big heart and soul and we are in the business because of our love for people.

Of course, we protect people’s identities, so we don’t talk about them but call us now and let’s talk about how we can help you. We work closely with discreet lawyers, too. We promise that you will feel better just by talking with us. We understand and we know what to do. Hounded by the media help is here.

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