Media Crisis Management PR

We operate a reassuring 24/7 Media Crisis Management service

Never before have we all needed wise counsel; a guardian angel; a trusted advisor; a crisis communicator; someone that will make it all go away and build you and your business up again. 

A media crisis could happen to anyone and any business and that is why our clients appreciate our reputation protection, rescue and mitigating damage services as an added reassurance.

How do we handle a reputation attack in the media 

Our first piece of good advice is to take a big breath and do not respond. Reactions are always emotional and what you say and what you don't say will play a huge part going forward and the outcome.

We will work with you on a strategy on what message you will want to portray, bearing in mind that this is an opportunity for positive press and turning it around. 

Having a plan in place ahead of time, for any type of media crisis or challenge is good advice.

For nearly 30 years we have developed, tested and followed through with reputation rescue plans for our clients. We appreciate that most of our clients don't have such plans, which is understandable. This is why we are here. Being prepared is essential to the outcome. 

What better people to have than people that know how the media will cover a crisis

Our media crisis management team's disciplines are journalism. We are people that are trained in the very business that is putting you under scrutiny. Because of our journalist backgrounds and contacts, we will always know the overall tone and angles of the reporters and the news, which is so important, since we know exactly how the media works. 

Because we are a PR team that work cohesively together, we will know exactly what to write in a statement for you to read out, ensuring that you are on-brand and on-message at all times. We will train you how to respond to a media crisis and to be prepared for a media interview as well as how to behave the right way. Your company's reputation will always be top-of-mind. We know how important it is to have an exceptionally fast and intelligent response for the outcome to be successful.

We can alleviate your anxiety with our media crisis management strategies

We have no doubt that with us by your side, the feelings that you may have of anxiety and panic right now will be calmed down tenfold. 

We cannot stress how important it is that you have an experienced media crisis management PR team by your side from the beginning (and preferably in place prior) to achieve a good outcome, looking forward. Many situations like media crisis are challenges to the right PR team and can be taken as opportunities to turn the negative news into a positive story and often many that highlights a person or organisation's strengths, as an outcome. 

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