Attracting investment with PR

Collaborations for investment PR

How to go about attracting investment with PR for your company

So, you have this amazing product and business and have grown in no time but you need fundraising in order to get to your next milestone.

Getting started to attract investment

How to go about attracting investment for your business can make you feel overwhelmed, there is a lot to focus on to determine valuation and that could mean demonstrating a strong track record. 

Piquing the interest of investors will involve a positive product or service image. Achieving better terms from investors is easier for you if you are a brand that people trust. 

Considering a PR campaign

Getting a good PR agency on board that is honest with you is essential to the success of an attracting investment with PR Campaign. You need a PR agent that is going to look at you and your brand holistically and be truthful with you. If your company is not ready and you don’t have a brochure, website or a business plan in place, a PR campaign could do more harm than good for your brand, since a good PR campaign will be shining a light on your business.

Making you look credible, with great coverage and telling your story the right way is at the heart of their work. 

If my company is ready for PR, what next

To raise awareness and let people know that you exist, the PR agent will put together a PR campaign strategy that will focus on how to get your business service, product and you looking really attractive for investment and legitimacy. Often, people invest in the founder first, so this is the perfect profile raising opportunity for attracting investment with PR. 

It is a good time for you to make sure that your social accounts and websites are up to date with news, accolades, awards, statistics, case studies and anything that would catch the eye of investors (your PR agent will check this with you). It is wise advice to keep on top of these areas, in terms of being legitimate and credible for audience's interest going forward, too. 

What will a PR agent do to help attracting investment with PR

Being well connected and experienced in great story telling, the PR agent will tell your story to journalists all across the appropriate media channels in a compelling, memorable and exciting way. There is a special knack to this. They will be skilled in how to angle your story and know what to say in very little time or space, to create a buzz about your brand - nobody will care if the narrative is bland! Everybody’s interest has to be peaked by creative and informative story telling.

A well connected PR agent with good contacts will know which channels are favoured by investors and ensure that the business looks ready for attracting investment with PR expertise. They will already have trusted relationships with journalists on the well-known press, media and niche publications and platforms. This means that there is a trust established and they know already that that particular PR agent has already done their homework on the relevance of the product and completeness of the brand.

A PR company who is also well connected is important and gives more clout. Cultivating relationships between your brand and with people they already know that can obtain media placements, as well as utilising other channels and platforms to reach customers directly, will be particularly useful. Good exposure with positive messages are so important for your brand image. It is worth its weight also, especially for timely products, where you have a brand that sings to a hot new trend.

What will press coverage achieve with attracting investment with PR

The right PR Campaign will put your brand out there in the hands and mouths of customers and influencers to such great heights that it can turn your company around by ultimately attracting investment and positive credibility.

Every piece of coverage is validation of your brand and products, achieving national and local coverage, and word spreading via social media. Linking all of the amazing coverage on your website (having a news section is a good idea), company bios, brochures and presentations is all part of the forward process.

With a properly executed PR strategy, you will be rewarded with large dividends.

Telling the story of your business well is good for building an industry presence and when done successfully, expert PR will help generate earned media for your company that will assist with brand identity and establishment and thus, industry equity. This should be backed by advertising and / or a marketing campaign to put your brand front of house.

An expert PR and Media Relations team will get right to the DNA of your brand and your messaging, secure positive outcomes and meet agreed objectives. Our commitment to our clients will be to secure positive coverage, enhance brand awareness and credibility. A good PR campaign can result in your brand will not only attracting the interest of consumers but also pique the interest of investors.