Brand publicity PR

Brand publicity PR

Bringing your brand to life

People will not buy into your brand for what it does but for what it means to them. Bringing your brand to life with our brand publicity PR and getting to the heart and soul of your audiences brings us great pleasure.

Prepare, create and support your brand awareness strategy

Every successful brand has a powerful purpose behind it, so it is imperative to find that purpose and get it noticed by the right audiences, thoroughly and well. Getting deep into the nitty-gritty of your brand and portraying it across the channels does require great skill, experience and knowledge. Acquiring brand publicity specialist PR help when you want your brand to be well known, instantly recognised, trusted and loved, is good advice.

Brand awareness is the reason why the big brands still run huge campaigns and it isn’t just to drive sales. They run brand publicity campaigns to keep target audiences aware of their brand. If they diminish, there is a likelihood of people forgetting about them.

We get your brand wonderfully purposed and noticed by the right audiences, across the perfect channels and out in the public on a bigger scale. Done correctly by a top PR firm, your dream of your brand being loved and well known is most likely to come true.

Strategically creating brand awareness

As a client you will enjoy all the benefits of our brand awareness strategy service. To help you develop it we will be digging deep and examine who you are and why your brand exists, we help you find those nuggets of truths, values and ethics. Without this remember, your customers will not feel you and they won’t be able to engage with your brand. You want identity, credibility and trust.

We help you look at positioning and researching what sets your unique brand apart from the competitors, researching existing brands and see how and where to place your brand.

We will then explore your brand story and think about the emotional impact of your brand; the language, the behaviour and the messaging.

Then, together we will work on defining and focusing on your target audience, across all platforms and delivering PR awareness campaigns. We factor in what they look at and watch, their age, location, gender, income, education levels, motivations, goals and brand affinities.

The most exciting part of it is when we make your brand publicity awareness campaign stand out with a crystal clear message that your audience understands and can relate to.

Creating client collaborations and partnerships

Connecting your brand with our talent in collaborations and partnerships, as ambassadors and influencers, so they will look at complimentary PR campaign collaborations gives us real pleasure.

Because we already service brands and talent and have done for so many years we know that leveraging partnerships can work great for our clients. A partnership could be a pop group that wears sporting outfits, for instance. A collaboration of USA Pro and Little Mix, for instance. Little Mix designed their own sports clothes, according to their own tastes, with USA Pro who had their own objectives to reach the audience of Little Mix. Two brands that complimented each other. It was a win-win situation, joining forces with a single goal. 

Working with our Influencers and podcasters

Consider Influencers and podcasters who could be a great match. These people have already built their audiences and your brand may suit their followers. Consumers are engaging with brands on new levels now, so demonstrating creativity and authenticity is critical to communications. 

With any collaboration, look for a PR agent that will handpick the appropriate and perfect people that would be wonderful ambassadors for your brand; ones that emulate the image that you want to give out.

Ensure that you get a personal experience from your Brand PR agents and that they work closely with talent, management and agencies and who are well connected. Many would blanket email in their search for a talent match for you. We look at our talent and influencers holistically and then we will analyse whether they are the perfect fit for your brand. We will talk to them about whether they 'feel' your brand and this has to be authentic.

We are always looking for the maximum, long term, positive effects. 

Always giving our clients a great return on investment

When we develop brand publicity PR Campaign strategies, we are thinking about getting you the right attention and in the right places. We want the right people watching you, reading you, believing you, following you and consuming your content. We want your audiences excited about what they see from you and we want you to be excited about your returns on investment.

Our brand publicity strategies include regular communication, consultation, updates and monthly coverage reports so you will soon feel the honesty, transparency and see the results. Activations, launches and KPIs are delivered to the highest standard and media enquiries are handled by us, too.

We offer a full communication service, which include: Daily Media Briefings - Targeted Press Campaigns - Event and Product Launches - Promotional Campaigns - Brand Launches and Profiling - Creative Direction - Social Media campaigns - Product Placement - Celeb Seeding and Endorsements - Brand sponsorships - Brand publicity - and you will be managed by your personal, commercially sensitive, forward thinking PR expert with excellent track records across the media platforms. 

Being lateral thinkers

We enjoy being lateral thinkers and are good at exploring options! Bringing all of our research to life and creating the story that you want to tell, is an exciting part of the journey as we put together an effective engagement strategy.

We try different ways of connecting with customers, using a mix of channels, so we can be engaging and innovative. How and where we deliver your message and your Brand publicity PR campaign is key to success. We love hearing people talk about our PR campaigns.

Our brand publicity campaign PR team will put their heart and soul into getting to the heart and soul of your audiences and it won't be long before you gain high levels of loyalty and engagement across all channels and platforms.