Luxury Brand Launch Event

Luxury brand VIP launch

Flannels Luxury Brand Launch Party

Who are Flannels?

Flannels is a leading luxury retailer in the UK, specialising in designer clothes, shoes and accessories. 

What was the brief for Flannels launch event PR campaign? 

Flannels asked us to conceptualise and manage a VIP brand launch party for the opening of the new Flannels store in Middlesbrough.

Strategy in enhancing PR and Luxury Brand Launch Events

Managing an event can be extremely stressful when you need to use that opportunity to network and mingle with your guests, which is why our launch parties are valuable and popular. We manage it all or part of and whatever it entails and whether it is a VIP luxury brand launch, a red carpet event, global brand showcase or a press junket.

When we are given briefs for any PR campaign, we are geared up to give a top result with maximum effects. We dig deep for information and objectives, finding the gold of brands to ensure perfect storytelling and narrative is told. We work with start ups and household names, globally. To bring brand awareness and develop it further to reinventing your brand or to launch a new product- there are many reasons to have a Brand launch party and we have the solutions to meeting objectives and realising visions. 

With luxury brand launch events, our creative, dynamic team conceptualise cohesively together on a strategy at making it the most memorable and with maximum effects, launch party, which will meet all objectives. 

What can be achieved when you use the most effective PR campaign to launch a brand through an event 

With events, we immediately look at who we should invite in the local area, like local businesses and press and celebrities and VIP guests. So, for Flannels Brand Launch Event in Middlesbrough, we distributed invites and managed RSVPs to: Middlesbrough Football Club, Amelia Lily, the Mayor of Middlesbrough, various local press including Love Middlesbrough, Gazette, Gossip magazine and various other well known faces. A total of 350+ guests attended the launch party. 

We look at the space for the launch event and the entertainment, the catering and our strategies go into great detail about our ideas. It is important to enlist the assistance of a PR firm with extensive brand understanding because launch events are crucial for the success of your brand, going forward.

Luxury brands are a niche market and your luxury brand event PR agents will understand that and target your audience by creating that perception. We work with your marketing team, if you have one, and if desired, to maximise on our resources for a successful and smooth running event and this forms part of our strategy to guarantee running a successful, smooth brand launch event. 

Managing front of house, guest list and event coordination is all provided by us in brand launch events and all press coordination and management for coverage, pre and post event is facilitated by us too. Photographers and videographers are directed by us and we sign off images for press releases. Only the highest standard and flattering images get by us! We are always thinking about people, brands, reputations and the like. Positive media coverage is essential, so we are vigilant. 

Unlocking press opportunities with fashion, lifestyle and trade / retail writers and editors from regional, niche, business and mass market press, with engaging content and good storytelling and images are all entailed in our strategies. For Flannels luxury brand launch event, we ensured press and local businesses were provided with positive Flannels brand messaging that correctly reflected the brands high values.

Working with the management and designers to ensure the luxury brand's house style and standard was maintained throughout the evening was an utter success and the event exceeded all store targets! Coverage across the channels was amazing and Flannels were very satisfied with their luxury brand launch event in a new UK region.

With a detailed strategy for brand events, which includes brand building techniques and expert understanding from an experienced luxury brand PR firm, it will make all the difference in ambitions to become the next big thing in luxury.