Negative corporate publicity

Corporate goodwill publicity

Generating corporate goodwill and dispelling misconceptions

How do we respond to negative corporate publicity?

When we work with our corporate clients who have received negative publicity that has been shared and spread across social media platforms, we have to think creatively and swiftly, since there is a lot at stake.

Firstly, we see the opportunity to correct the false information and improve the credibility of whoever is under attack. If nobody knows the full story behind the negative press, it has to be addressed immediately, with authenticity, honesty, empathy and humility.

Allaying fears and addressing concerns is imperative at this stage and our team that assist clients on a regular basis will have you feeling confident that the outcome will be more favourable. 

We cannot stress enough that having the right corporate publicity PR team behind you at this crucial stage, could save you and your company's reputation in the long term. 

Often, with negative corporate publicity, we try to maximise positive information to dispel any misconceptions that have been created by thinking about how we can get maximum promotional feel good material out of a story to dampen down any uncertainties. So much so, that we can build the reputations of not just one corporate company but many, by collaborations.

We are geared up to always be looking out for opportunities to get good publicity in the right places in a timely way for our clients and we enjoy digging for maximum stories and maximum effects. 

When a firm has to bear further investigation because of negative publicity and they have been asked to attend a select committee hearing in Parliament, our PR agency provide select committee attendance preparation, advice and management as well as immediate reputation protection support and management.

For example, an untrue article was leaked to the press about one of our retained clients and the owner contacted us to ensure that it didn't blow out of proportion. It is essential not to leave things to pan out or see where it goes with negative corporate publicity, since once it is shared, untrue or not, it can cause deep uncertainty all across the board. We had to kill the unfounded story in the bud and had to do it fast by assessing the situation and talking to all concerned. Secondly, we sought opportunities to showcase the amazing amount of good work that the client does for the community. 



Turning potential corporate reputation attack stories into multiple feel good stories of goodwill, involving collaborations can dispel misconceptions, disperse any unfounded news and prove to be a great PR success for so many profiles, not just the corporate company. Negative corporate publicity requires a top PR team that have strategies in place with problem solving tactics and solutions-oriented optimism.