Reputation Management PR

Reputation Management PR response in a crisis needs to be like absolute lightning! And good!

If you have been caught on camera or audio making statements or behaving in a way that has caused personal or corporate crisis and publicity is imminent, this is where reputation management experts can protect you. 

With a Reputation Management PR team by your side with well thought out strategies and tactical acumen, could save you and your career and certainly many anxieties you may feel. The damage may be done but damage limitation is paramount and an experienced Reputation Management PR team will know what to do to soften the blow. 

One thing said wrong, not knowing where to turn and what to do is daunting but reputation management PR team absolutely strive to resolve to steer the situation around because they will want you to get through this. 

Steering the press in such a way that they will use the reputation crisis as an opportunity for you to shine in other ways. Contextualising the situation with you will help you get a better perspective and an honest, transparent reputation management team will always manage expectations and not make any impossible promises.

How a Reputation Management PR team works

They will know what you are up against. To avoid prevarication, for instance, they would advise to apologise if appropriate and explain and contextualise as much as possible to soften the damage. Then, the next steps follow quickly - getting on the front foot with some positive news to move the story as fast as possible. 

Thinking on their feet is part of a good reputation management PR team's job! If there is no time, they'll pull something out of the bag but it will be something that they have from experience since short term fixes could be disastrous for the future.

Being right by your side will be a huge reassurance to you, since an emotional, knee jerk response could have disastrous results. A Reputation Management PR team are able to assess the situation impartially. Steering the stories for damage limitation is paramount, chances for positive PR is a great possibility, as is making you feel calm and managed well.  

It is recommended that you have a reputation management plan and team in place before a crisis happens and be prepared. Having a strategy in place could save you a lot of time and worry. Auditors and shareholders put some value on it, too. 

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