Apparel Launch

Apparel Launch

Hurlingham Polo 1875 Launch Event

Who are Hurlingham Polo 1875?

Hurlingham Polo 1875 are the British governing body of Polo in the UK and around the globe. They are the official clothing brand born from the institution of Polo which dates back to 1875.

What did we set ourselves to do for Hurlingham Polo 1875?

To launch Hurlingham Polo 1875 and HP Active Collection (created in partnership with the Royal Navy Polo Association), we put a plan of action into place for a high profile apparel launch event that would make interesting news Internationally and in the UK and subsequent ongoing PR to raise awareness of the brand. 

Strategy in PR for a high profile apparel launch event

Our creative, experienced and passionate PR team put together strategies that add real value to brands and opens doors to gaining more kudos with impressive campaigns to position people and brands in the media. 

Firstly, the apparel launch event management strategy: When and where was it going to take place, the guest and invitation list, refreshments, sponsors, goody bags collation and organisation, showcasing the collection and brand and adding something fun for guest participation and opportunity for media, broadcast and social media post circulation. 

For Hurlingham Polo 1875, we decided on the perfect venue: Ham Polo Club in Richmond. We also planned for the apparel launch event to include a genuine Polo event, where the participants would be wearing the Hurlingham Polo apparel, showcasing the brand's quality and style. 

We wrote engaging apparel launch press releases and creative content to our connections in men's and women's consumer press, fashion, lifestyle, equine, polo, sports and fitness and retail press. We then created invitations and managed invitees: luxury lifestyle and sports journalists from key media, selected influencers and celebrities, including sports presenters, TV personalities and artists.  

Press packs were organised, with goody bags, template interviews and letters of welcome. Joint planning of the retail space to showcase Hurlingham Polo 1875's collection. The 'something fun for guest participation' was a wooden horse experience. Guests had to sit on the stationery horse and attempt to hit a ball with a stick. It created hilarity since some guests were over enthusiastic, which made for good media posts. Blogger guidelines were set up. Interviews with the CEO and brand ambassador - world leading polo player Fred Mannix, who is ideal since he is the epitome of polo on a global scale. We managed all interviews and publicity throughout the day, as well as the full apparel launch event management. 

Our offices turned into a fashion showroom, which we seeded to key media to garner coverage prior to and after the event. We then worked on post event media relations. Ongoing brand awareness included the publication of further collections which include the England Polo Team Collection and Lifestyle Collection. 

What can be achieved with an effective PR campaign for apparel launch

As with this event and brand awareness, we look at producing an amazing, memorable apparel launch day that will live long in the memory, as well long term goals, maximum publicity and coverage, appropriate celebrity guests and influencers, ambassador collaborations and ongoing brand awareness, keeping people engaged and excited about the brand. 

Successful showcasing proved by excellent media, influencer and celebrity attendance which create 'buzz' around the brand and help position them as a new, luxury brand of their category, on the market. We focused on the brand's narrative of inspiration of the design philosophy which is reflected on the beauty of movement on horseback and showcased this by fitting the Polo players in the Hurlingham Polo 1875 range. This apparel launch was a success story, viewing the heritage through a modern lens. The success of the ambassador collaboration was emphasised when Fred Mannix, the ambassador, said, 'It's fundamental for a professional polo player to be properly outfitted, and look and perform like a pro. From the players' perspective, if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play better!''. 

We always seek a very high level of social media reach and engagement amongst top and medium tier influencers coupled with traditional press coverage perfectly aligned to the high-end market with our PR campaigns.

Coverage and brand awareness for this apparel launch event and ongoing has been immense for Hurlingham Polo 1875 and it is well positioned as the luxury retailer with a strong British heritage background.