Automotive industry pr

Automotive Industry PR

Alan Day automotive industry PR and publicity

Who are Alan Day Group?

Alan Day Motor Group is a family-owned motor group that have a great reputation for customer service and quality cars. 

What do we set ourselves to do for motor dealership publicity 

With our long-running automotive industry PR programmes, we constantly have our clients top-of-mind, so if there are dates for launches or if they tie in with news in the media, we jump at the opportunity to bring them into the spotlight, whenever we can throughout the year. Our motor dealership publicity team enjoy playing an integral role in expanding media presence for their clients, and here we were tasked with promoting awareness of Alan Day's preparation of the delivery of the new electric Volkswagen ID.3.

Strategy for enhancing the success of a PR campaign for a motor dealership publicity

So, with our automotive industry PR publicity strategy, we thought about how we could create a buzz and an excitement about the new ID.3's upcoming delivery to Alan Day Group.

We looked at the car and it's unique specifications. Also, how we could showcase Alan Day for what they are and that is a trusted, professional, knowledgeable family run business that provides top quality modern popular cars and motor-related services, with outstanding customer service. These formed the premise of the motor dealership publicity press release.

We learnt further from Alan Day about how allocations were snapped up within an hour of being made available online, last year and despite delivery not being until Autumn 2020, 20,000 people had shown intent to buy. Customers had even pre-booked their models without even seeing them, four months ahead of official images and details. The new electric Volkswagen is in huge demand and Alan Day's allocation has already been bought up. The Head of Business, Nick Wells, at Alan Day quoted that interest suggested that we are on the cusp of an electric vehicle revolution. 

We expanded the story and created our reputably engaging content for press releases. We then contacted our consumer and trade media contacts that would be interested in automotive industry PR and publicity stories, who trust us to provide quality content and not waste their time. We supplied official images and videos of the launch, to secure impactful broadcast, print and digital coverage, generating a lot of excitement.  

What can be achieved when you create a unique PR campaign for motor dealership publicity

When tasked with automotive industry PR campaigns, our team look at objectives around creating exposure and raising awareness and build a strategy around communicating the message. With automotive industry PR campaigns, we help our clients communicate their products, services and technologies to maximum effect, using a wide range of engaging and impressive strategies, including events and management, creative PR stunts that get people talking, Influencers, ambassadors, Social media campaigns, full press office and media liaison service, booking and briefing photographers, videographers and web teams.

We look at brand development and help you discover your message and meaning because you may not even know it, yet.

Whether it is a start up company, well established in the UK or globally renown, our automotive industry PR will give you the right attention in the right places and generate sales by exposure and awareness.

We deliver high impact launch campaigns for all industries as a one-off and we also provide ongoing, long-running PR programmes for our clients. Many of our clients stay with us long after, due to the exceeded returns of investment which they experience.

This is due to our trusted and impressive continuous brand building with consistent messaging, social network building with influencers, regular engagement with client base and making them feel special and part of an exclusive group, creating excitement with launch days and celebrity visits, as well as building strong partnerships with brands that align.

Long-running PR programmes are popular since we become an extension of your team and with monthly strategy meetings and measurements being delivered, you know that you get a lot of returns on investment. 

We generate headlines and get people in the news for the right reasons. We tell all the right stories. We capture imaginations, and we inspire people to action. See more about our PR and Media Relations service here.