Charity promotion PR

Charity promotion PR

What sets us apart as the best charity promotion PR firm in London

The heart and soul of our PR firm is about helping others, whether it is raising, building, protecting, managing, rescuing, or just being by their side for public relations. Our love for generating goodwill and making changes to people’s lives shines through, no matter what we do and who for, it is from the heart.

Working with our PR agency on a charity campaign makes for a great collaboration, as we will be an extension of your team, raising awareness, maximising donations, attracting investors or sponsorships, or whatever your goal is.

We currently work successfully for several charities and are strong supporters of the work that charities do and we want to help you deliver your story with an emotive, impactful, and powerful response. 

Our unique approach to a charity promotion 

We intend to increase the awareness of your charity as a whole and in a holistic, 360 way.

We believe that promoting goodwill, one of the simplest and most straight-forward objectives of PR campaigns is to enhance a charity's credentials in the market. As we build the charity PR strategy, we will think about raising awareness, changing attitudes, and getting good, engaging key information out there. 

We specifically look at long term objectives. With strategic thoughts and planning, we set about how we will raise the profile and reputation in all media outlets: print, digital, and broadcast - communicating to a target audience and encouraging support.

Then, with our super storytelling skills, we raise awareness and encourage others to donate and get involved by conveying important, key messages and always with a 'call to action'.

In some of our charity promotion pr campaigns, we can draw on stories and very sensitively manage case studies, where agreed with the client. Where appropriate, we communicate news and developments of the charity and any new medical research or breakthroughs, to a specific charity, health, news writer, and editors.

For our all-encompassing PR strategies, we do occasionally include PR stunts, which could be integral to getting your charity noticed and become a talking point. We once even drove a tank through London to draw people's attention!

Managing fundraising events

In some charity campaigns, we are tasked to manage fundraising events or to showcase high profile visits to the charity; people in the public eye who want to make a difference as it is a cause that they feel strongly about. 

We keep our eye out for any compelling hooks and trend-led stories that are in the current media landscape: news, health, and increase awareness of them. We may find stories in your year-on-year reports or your fundraising initiatives.

With charity promotion always in mind, we constantly pitch our clients' charity work to key feature writers and editors, MPs, and celebrity supporters. Thinking further about fundraising opportunities, we could ask celebrities to donate to your cause or an endorsement would help tremendously and we can often connect you with a celebrity or ambassador.

Aligning the right people with your charity

We have many connections and we are highly regarded, so we would contact influential people directly. We would choose those that were aligned with your charity and people that you would be happy to connect with. 

We do think deeply about potential ambassadors and endorsements because it has to be a mutual feeling and it has to be felt genuinely on both sides. It isn't just about raising the profile of you with a celebrity or influencer, it is about a true connection that works. People can see through anything that's not real.

We would ensure that an ambassador fully embraced and felt a genuine concern for your charity and it's aims and ethos and that it's a good fit because it is about their audience, too. 

Fitting it with your charitable budget

We also understand the challenges that non-profit organisations are faced with and based on budget alone, you could feel that enlisting the assistance of a Charity promotion PR agent would be prohibitive to you.

You don’t need a huge budget to tap into the generosity of our nation. Some of our big names are happy to participate if you are a reputable charity, so hooking you up in a mutual collaboration is a win-win since it raises their profile and gives them a feel-good factor.

Collaborations with corporate companies are popular, too, since they are always keen to show their social responsibilities. Partnerships are successful on so many levels, as you can reach a mass of different audiences, in little time and please everyone.

Charity promotion PR campaigns can make really big changes

With many of our charity promotion strategies, we have undertaken effective lobbying to MPs and select committees, allowing for a politician to take on a charity's case. 

Well-executed charity promotion PR campaigns that are effective and draw on the heartstrings are worth their weight in gold and maximising coverage across the media platforms and gaining great coverage is often a perfect recipe for success. Two of our charities shown here in The Times: footballers4change and The Sun: Leadership through sport and business, received amazing coverage across the digital, print, and broadcast platforms.  

We don’t just stick with one method because creativity, being unique, and finding innovative ways to boost your cause and make you happy is what drives us to do something different. We want that something to be far-reaching, powerful, create a call to action, make a change, and live long in the memories of your audiences.