Artist Profile Development PR

Artist profile development Georgia and the Vintage Youth

Georgia and The Vintage Youth

Who are Georgia and The Vintage Youth 

Georgia and The Vintage Youth are a retro-pop style band from the UK. 

What did we set ourselves to do for Artist Profile Development PR

To launch and showcase the talent of these musical artists, we set about how we could achieve this by putting together a well-thought-out plan for the campaign. 

Strategies for enhancing the success of an Artist Profile Development PR Campaign

The first thing that we do with artist profile development campaigns, as part of our strategy is to ensure that our artists know who they are, what their vision is and who their audience is.

At the development stage, artists are most likely not too used to the media, and it can feel like a whirlwind, after press exposure. It is exciting because a good PR campaign will get your name on things and put bums on seats, hoping to result in a surge in demand for your gigs. There are no guarantees, of course and nobody should promise you the world - just that they will do the absolute best that they can. Honesty is absolute key in your PR relationship. So, this is where we start by developing a musical artist profile development. 

Our PR team organised a showcase event for Georgia and The Vintage Youth, which derived bookings and an appearance on Vintage TV. 

Our Artist Profile Development PR campaigns always include introductions to our connections to bookers, music clubs and venues. Being established and renown for almost 30 years, we are well connected and respected. People call us back.

Introductions were then effected to high profile musical artists for musical collaborations and also to a renowned producer who will be producing the next single / EP. 

What can be achieved when you create a bespoke campaign for artist profile development PR

For many musical artists, the initial PR campaign that announces a musical artist to the world, is the key to establishing a promising and sustainable profile and career. This is the chance to show your potential and make an emotional connection with your audience. Mixing PR with social media is powerful for reaching audiences, when done properly. 

With well written profile pieces for the media, aiming for appropriate and targeted coverage, Georgia and The Vintage Youth received substantial publicity and appeared in the Evening Standard, The Enquirer, Enfield Independent, I'm a Londoner, Brit Events, EventBrite, ENTS24, Jazz Fm, Remote Goat, All in London, The List and more. 

When looking at placements for clients, we look to where they would reach an audience particularly interested in their field, of course. With Georgia and The Vintage Youth, we wanted to them to be seen in places where music, style and culture were celebrated. We arranged a photo shoot and interview with the art and culture magazine, Wonderland. 

Extending the publicity to the radio, we seek the type of stations that would be appropriate. Here we secured interviews on networks that had audiences that celebrated musicians, artists and creatives across the globe as well as regional radio stations to inform of gigs and shows. These included Soho Radio, Artspeak, Hoxton Radio, BBC Radio Cambs, KGK and Identity Radio.