Reinventing yourself PR

Rebranding yourself PR

Helping you rebrand yourself

Sometimes it feels necessary to reinvent yourself, your brand or your business and it is good to have a team behind you that is experienced with reputation management and public relations. 

Our business was launched in the heart of London in 1992, as a talent management agency by our founder, Keith Bishop.

He set out to provide a bespoke service for high profile people that found themselves in high pressure situations and who wanted advice and assistance with their careers and reputation. Keith helped reshape their lives, throwing a protective arm around them, rescuing, promoting, enriching and helping them take a new road on the journey to success and happiness. In those formative years, the tone was set for the future.

Subsequently, our PR agency have successfully supported people during crises when they are in the media spotlight and don't know which way to turn or when their act or brand has gone stale and they need help to turn it all around in a positive way.  

Wise Counsel

We feel honoured and proud to have the tools, the connections, the experience, the lateral thinking and wise counsel to assist people and as we help people turn their lives around, it gives us great pleasure to be able to offer a bespoke PR service that compliments your needs, hopes and ambitions.

In this ever-changing landscape, as the world moves at a breakneck speed, a good root and brand audit of your business will ensure that you are not missing out on areas of improvement and that you are staying on top of market trends and demands. Revisions can often spark up an inspiration and new ideas.   

Whatever it Takes 

This is one of the reasons which sets us apart as a unique PR agency, since we not only develop and deliver hard-hitting campaigns that get conversations going around the globe and get you where you want / need to be seen, we will listen and empathise with you when you need to turn your life around, as a good friend or family member would. We will look at your situation holistically and listen to your needs wholeheartedly and put together a strategy that will help you reinvent yourself and your business. When people put their faith in us helping them achieve their dreams, we will focus entirely on doing just that. 

'Whatever it takes' is a mantra that we often adopt and we also work very with some of the finest legal minds in the UK if you need advice from the legal profession. 

Reinventing yourself may involve or consist of the following services that our PR firm offers:

Reputation Management can work when rebranding yourself in terms of saying the right thing at the right time, in a media interview or doorstep situation, limiting damage and using this as a tool to reinvent yourself in the media. 

Corporate publicity for reinventing your corporate business; it's image, reputation, credibility, communication and rebuilding from any crisis or challenge in the media. 

Profile creation and management would be appropriate for reinventing yourself because here, we work on getting you talked about for the right reason, building profiles, attracting your objectives and getting people excited about you. 

Talent PR management is a full service that our PR firm provides and we work on getting as much appropriate exposure and good publicity for our fantastic, diverse and talented people on our roster. 

Media advice and interview training would be useful if you are working on reinventing your profile. We would be able to work on messages that you want to portray with confidence and conviction, plus we would assist with body language and preparation and delivery techniques. 

Press, talent and movie junkets are where you will be doing broadcast interviews, back to back. In terms of rebranding yourself, this is an opportunity to give the impression of how you want to be perceived. Our critical media training and advice can help you here. 

Political profile leveraging campaigns are good for rebranding yourself if you really want to be taken seriously. 

Brand re-launch / repositioning is great for a rebranding PR campaign because you may need a total revamp to repair or just refresh your brand. 

It may be that you are switching careers after retirement, for instance, like a lot of ex-sports people do. Many athletes, through great PR, have established themselves as actors, fashion icons, designers, charity ambassadors and founders and have become celebrities themselves, appearing on the TV and radio regularly and showing up in the magazines regularly. 

Always, with our clients, we seek the best solutions for rebranding yourself, for maximum positive outcomes. 

A lot of our clients want to reinvent themselves to ensure that they are taken more seriously or because they are changing gear in business or brand repositioning. We can make positive, influential changes with relatable storytelling that engage audiences and we look forward to working with you. We love working with people, we are good listeners and are ready for action, 'whatever it takes'. Do call us on: 0207 734 9995.