PR to Launch a new Brand

PR to launch a new brand

PR to launch a new brand for Green Stem CBD

Who are Green Stem CBD?

Green Stem is a lifefstyle brand, promoting wellness in a natural, holistic way with CBD oil.

What did we set ourselves to do

Our team of PR experts was tasked to carry out the PR to launch a new brand: Green Stem. We were to raise the profile of the new brand and its reputation and launch the brand in key areas as well as raising the personal profile of the CEO of Green Stem as the 'go to' expert for all CBD and associated products' benefits. 

Strategy for enhancing the success of using PR to launch a new brand 

Setting about placing Green Stem and the CEO as industry experts, we explored the numerous ways we would go about making an impressive PR campaign:

-- To get Green Stem in all media outlets - print, with credible well-being / lifestyle digital and broadcast - to position bloggers, vloggers and influencers to them as the market leader producing promotion of the brand and services as the best CBD products in the world. 

-- Find an appropriate ambassador for Green Stem CBD. A well known public person that is a perfect fit for Green Stem and one that can endorse the products as being as superior as they are, since she experienced the positive benefits personally. 

-- Unlocking press opportunities with increasing the awareness by communicating the brand's key messages with engaging content, using our unique persuasive storytelling skills. We shared the information with our journalist and editorial contacts in regional, specialist (and other territories), business and mass market press with interests in beauty, lifestyle and business. Topping it off and maximising the opportunities with engaging content about the wellness lifestyle brand credentials and developments and communicating it with the world.  

-- It is important when raising the profile and reputation for any lifestyle brand PR campaign, to focus on positioning and the key areas for where the brand is to be promoted. 

What can be achieved when you create a bespoke PR campaign for a new brand

It's very exciting when you launch a new brand. It is an essential step in your life as an entrepreneur. We understand that at KBA because we get to the heart of you and your brand and we assist with the generation of your brand's DNA and keep it consistent and in people's minds. It is imperative to the success of all of our PR campaigns and you will feel it too. 

For brand awareness, we launched and pitched Green Stem CBD to all press outlets, health writers, well-being experts and credible influencers. 

For raising personal profiles of the CEO, we increased his individual profile through a number of press mediums such as commentary, talking head pieces, podcasts and opinion articles. We proactively offered for the 'go to' expert to write content for opinion news and stories for relevant media outlets: print, digital and broadcast, which results in profile elevation.

After researching the Case Studies, including some of the company's current influencers and testimonials, we discovered that the amazing oil treated so many ailments. Our PR to launch a new brand campaign, showcased the extraordinary Green Stem CBD oil oral drops, we pipelined engaging content and feature stories for news attention to all outlets with an extra focus in the beauty, holistic, well being and health sectors. 

To elevate companies we often approach television production companies, should opportunities allow, for profile entertainment programmes to secure further inclusion for companies. We keep an eye on the news and take opportunities to project to the media who are thirsty for new products to assist with whatever is currently being discussed and tie in the brand's products with any current news. This is powerful when we launch a new brand.

We believe a multi channel approach is best practice to reach many audiences when clients want our PR to launch a new brand. Digital marketing and social media support, are all part of our PR campaign strategies and we cherry pick for each bespoke campaign, the best options for digital and print channels.

We can support or focus on providing an integrated approach for your brand, looking at full digital strategy, marketing and commercial planning, all geared to maximise sales, exceed targets and help your brand meet its business objectives.

Maximising social media presence helps validate your brand, when done correctly and it tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on thriving communication with consumers. It is one of the best ways to keep customers informed. 

Using KBA PR to launch a new brand, we like to suggest having a brand launch event, which are always great opportunities to network with guests. We manage the whole or part of the event, from developing the media guest list and managing media and talent on the day, to delivering world class entertainment and catering services. This could be a stand alone event exclusive for your brand or we also look at expos, festivals and retreats for acquiring space for a brand awareness stall where you could showcase and product seed. We are always in the know about events that are occurring around the globe and we consider the appropriate ones that would be perfect for brands to showcase their products. 

When instructing KBA PR to launch a new brand, we also conduct a brand activation day with influencers and celebrity guests and take the opportunity to capitalise on the publicity and send press releases to our journalist and editor connections. 

It doesn't stop there because we can maximise the results on an event and arrange and manage 1-1 interviews and press junkets with relevant key press, which we will provide media training for. We book, brief and manage all photographers, videographers, imagery and press releases and provide full media liaison and management of media enquiries.

Working with our clients when we launch a new brand, we do thorough reviews of marketing strategy key messaging areas and we map out the next strategy with the brand touch points: commercial / advertising, marketing and PR / publicity. 

We are committed to securing positive, effective platform coverage and enhancing brand awareness and our clients often note that we work hard in achieving that when we have ran with a campaign of PR to launch a new brand. Meeting the needs and objectives of a brand are paramount to a successful, honest and trusted relationship between us and our client and ultimately, the all-important customer.

The Green Stem brand launch coverage was so successful, shown here on Yahoo Style. We also secured content in the Observer, Daily Mail, Sunday Express magazine, Good Housekeeping, Daily Express, The Lady, Women's Own, Cheshire Life, Daily Star on Sunday, Trend magazine, That's Life,,, The Grocer, Retail Newsagent, Retail Express, Convenience Store magazine, The Smart Woman's Guide to the Menopause,, Green market report, Green market Entrepreneur, Good to know, to say the least.