Talent PR

PR for all talent

Talent PR is our forte

Here at KBA PR, we know our PR. We have three decades of Talent PR management and original storytelling, engaging target audiences, generating opportunities and leveraging the right connections.

We are proud to be placed as one of the UK's top Talent PR agencies and we really get to know all of our people,  many of whom go on to achieve award-winning careers.

How does our Talent PR work

Firstly with many new Talent, we work on brand development carefully, building profiles and managing reputations with PR. We get to know you well and then explore all options of where to place you, who to partner you with, how to promote you in the best way possible. 

Being perceptive and well-connected to people and knowing when and what our clients can deliver makes for a happy, successful family because we want to share in your success as well. 

We continuously explore partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations and endorsements between our clients and seek out opportunities for them. We work on getting as much exposure and good publicity as possible for for some of the most diverse, dynamic, talented people who are nationally and internationally known across all sectors. Currently, we represent some of the rising stars in the worlds of Film, TV, Celebrity, Sport, Fashion, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Show Business and Media. 

Media training expertise 

Many of our talents who are reinventing themselves or who wish to improve their public speaking often benefit from our media broadcast training particularly those in industry and sport.

Many of our celebrities have also benefited from our media training and find it useful when, working for brands, endorsing products and working on collaborations. 

Our clients, from all industries, have found our media training has carried them through their careers and we take great pride in thinking that the results are so successful and far reaching.

Where our clients are regularly seen and heard

Our talent at KBA appear regularly and positively across the media platforms, as we always seek maximum coverage targeted at the appropriate audiences.

All of talent and clients are heard and seen consistently on the BBC (all channels including radio), ITV - Breakfast and daytime shows, Channel 5, SKY News, LBC and TALKRADIO. Our clients are seen in The Times, Times on Sunday, The Guardian, The Observer, The Telegraph, Financial Times, The Daily Mail, Mail Online, The Daily Mirror, The Star, The Sun, The Express, Vogue, Loaded, Hello, popular fitness and lifestyle, and beauty and chat magazines.

We gain coverage on all regional, national and international press, publications and channels as well as highly popular online news, like Huffington Post, Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports. 

We are positioned at the centre of talent, entertainment, education, content, charity, brands, fashion, health and beauty, retail, sports, technology, financial, politics, corporate and live events. 

Creating endless PR opportunities

We create unending opportunities for emerging and well known talents, trendsetters, storytellers, inventors, icons and thought leaders who shape our culture, all around the world.

It is likely that we are the PR firm that works with someone you know in the public eye or that we have been behind a PR campaign that has resonated with you. 

All across the media and beyond, we represent a plethora of talent and have excellent, long-standing relationships with both media and brand owners and we understand their needs well.

The people that we represent are leading athletes, coaches, actors, directors, broadcasters, writers, producers, authors, comedians, retired sportspeople, social media influencers, teams, leagues, designers, musicians, TV personalities, singers, chefs, motivational speakers, and more.

They are available for shows, events, radio, TV, films, commercials, endorsements, print, influencing, collaborations, ambassadors, speaking engagements, voice-overs, appearances, presenting and guest speakers.

In service to all of who we work for and with, we are committed to remaining a vibrant, forward thinking, trusted talent PR and media relations management firm. 

Still going strong and vibrantly after 28 years means something, and it means a lot to our clients and to us.