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Footballers4Change WAGs' Garage Sale Charity PR Campaign 

Who are Footballers4Change and who are the WAGS

Footballers4Change is a unique online platform offering pre-loved clothing items gifted by well known footballers and their families and the proceeds go to the chosen charity of the person donating.

The WAGs is the coined phrase meaning 'Wives and Girlfriends' of footballers. 

What did we set ourselves to do

The brief for this charity PR campaign was to bring awareness to the brand, as the website was unveiled. It was the big launch of the opening of 'Own the gear, own the story' Footballers4change and Anoesjcka Gianotti, the founder came to us for Charity PR success; to get great press coverage and to generate excitement and awareness. She wanted the assurance that the launch day would be 'kicked off' in the way that would realise her ambition.

Strategy to achieve charity PR campaign success; awareness and getting positive press

To achieve charity PR success, we drew attention in our press releases, to the important work that footballers4change are doing, in enabling high profile names and brands to donate their pre-loved items to benefit their preferred charities and causes. The website unveiling day had to be seen by the right audiences. The website with it's auction style countdown, urging people to take action and bid within certain days and hours, for a part of a football player's journey, is exciting. In a climate where consumers are looking for products with the power to bring change, 'the great WAGs garage sale' got that grand brand launch campaign with fabulous press coverage. It was a great charity PR success.

What can be achieved when you create a unique PR campaign for a Charity Launch

Firstly, with Charity PR promotion campaigns we identify short and long term objectives, messages and audiences. Having a clear view of what your charity wants to achieve through PR is vital and it makes for measuring the success of the Charity PR Campaigns. To get the maximum effect from Charity PR success campaigns, it is important that we build a strategy based on these objectives and messages and so we always dig deep with tailored questions, so that we can deliver the best Charity PR campaigns, measure success along the way and then give precise evaluations post-activity. Ensuring that returns on investment are clear for Charity PR campaigns are as important to us as the charity.

In order to raise awareness to maximum effect for the charity PR campaign for Footballers4Change, we contacted journalists and editors across the media outlets, who we have long standing relationships with to share the press releases with. We then prepared engaging content and professional images for other media outlets: digital and broadcast, all with a view to raise awareness, by conveying important, key messages and always with 'call to action' content. 

Validation on social media is great for all brands and when done correctly, alongside a PR campaign, it gives consumers the message that your brand is credible, active and focused on good communication. That builds trust with audiences. A social media PR campaign is one of the best ways to to deliver key messaging to the masses and attain great charity PR success. Done properly, of course. 

As with all of our PR campaigns, we go for maximum coverage in the appropriate spaces and our clients' website launch of the charity PR campaign for Footballers4Change was covered all over social media, in The Times, Daily Mirror, London Post, Charity Digital, Women's Health magazine, Daily Star, Fashion monitor, Gazette news, News Chain and all around the globe. See the successful brand awareness here.