PR Campaign for your app

PR Campaign for your app

Vyta personal trainer app PR campaign

What is Vyta

Vyta is a new on-demand personal training app-based service in London that allows you to book a high-quality personal trainer (PT), within a few hours.

What did we set ourselves to do 

Raise awareness for new on-demand personal trainer app Vyta and raise the profile of the apps creator and CEO Josh Ashley.

Strategy for enhancing the success of a PR campaign for your new app

So you have done your market research after a mobile app idea, created it and now, you need to get it out in the world before it gets lost in the highly competitive climate of apps and before someone else takes your idea and you may wonder, how you can promote your new app. 

You may have read about social media being helpful and posted about your new app on your social account to get the message across to your followers and then started following target audiences with the hope that they will give your app attention. This is a great idea but how long is this going to take, you might be thinking. Social media works well for many things when done properly and robustly but it could prove rather daunting and limiting. With so many apps being launched every single day, your business needs to have a solid strategy to make its name in this competitive market. A strategy that involves the understanding of target markets. 

Now, consider what a PR firm can do to help you promote your new app. A PR firm will raise your profile and possibly set the stage for your future as an app creator; business person. The true impact of what public relations agents can do for your reputation and your business is so powerful. As long as you choose the right PR firm, that will understand your target audience to help promote your app, as this will form a large part your strategy. 

PR experts identify the best channels, influencers and celebrities that can spread your message to the right people, using their connections and experience to get maximum reach. They will validate you on social media and let consumers know, in a robust way, that your brand is well and truly active. You may wonder, 'Is PR necessary if I am on social media?'. (Quick answer to that is, 'Yes'.) 

As part of the PR campaign for your app, they will write and distribute engaging press releases and send them to targeted publications in print and digital, to key people that they will already know and who trust them. They can leverage connections with influencers and celebrity collaborations, get you media interviews on the TV and radio, get you talked about online, throw a highly publicised launch party or event and generally create a whole big buzz around your new app. The opportunities that a creative PR team will find to get your new app being used as soon as possible are extensive. 

Whatever the business, trust plays a monumental role when it comes to determining the success when you are looking to promote your new app. Investing in good PR will always give out the strong message that your business is credible; you are willing to invest in it and your subscribers will invest in that legitimacy. 

To raise the profile of the inventor and showcase his app, we organised interviews with the press. We coordinated and managed a charity sports day with guest Olympians and connected Josh Ashley with them. We dealt with bloggers and their agents for paid content and arranged for advertorials for the new app, in the local press. 

We organised and managed the press attendance of the event to showcase the app and coordinated media appearances for Josh. 

What can be achieved when you create a bespoke PR campaign for your new app

Securing coverage with articles about the successful charity sports day with the Olympians were featured in various local press, including the Evening Standard and South London Press.

We also featured Vyta and Josh in the East London Advertiser. Interviews with Talk Radio and 2nd City Radio were broadcast with Josh promoting his new app and he also featured in 

Raising awareness to promote your app in a highly competitive market needs a strategic PR Campaign by an experienced PR firm. A badly ran PR campaign can negate the investment of your time, your money and your reputation, so it becomes a non-starter. 

For all the time and effort it takes to create your app, research and promote your app and the big dreams you have for it, it makes sense to get your brand launch carefully executed for maximum impact and for long term effects. Our PR team can assist with helping you identify your brand, develop it and keep you moving forward and to keep moving forward for good publicity, long term PR assistance is advisable.

Or, we can just be there for the launch, which will be far-reaching, effective and will set the stage for success. Either way, a PR campaign for your app and getting it noticed, out there, credible, used and enjoyed as soon as possible is imperative, as long as it is done right.