Brand awareness event

USC Store / Brand Awareness Event

Who is USC

USC are retailers that sell branded clothing, accessories, beauty products, shoes and gaming tech.

What did we set ourselves to do

Create a brand awareness event at USC on London's Oxford Street to raise the brand and create engaging content for both social and online through engaging celebrity attendance.

Strategy in enhancing a Brand awareness event

We believe that giving people the right experience will make them want to buy the product and buy into the brand. A successful store opening event is invaluable to the brand, so we look to maximise on the experience.

Our brand development team can assist with getting to this stage of brand launch and brand opening events and brand awareness days. We talk more about Brand purpose and Brand Publicity here but every successful brand has a powerful purpose behind it. So, for a brand awareness event, it is imperative to display brand purpose and get it noticed by the right audiences, thoroughly and well. Your target audience for your brand will be known at this point and this is where we will ensure that the brand awareness event will appeal to your target audience. 

So, the objectives of the brand awareness shape our strategies. For the store opening and brand awareness, of course we set up instore at USC's London Oxford Street store. We looked at creating a good story that would be consistent with the brand and audience that will stick in people's mind and one that they can participate in at the brand awareness event.

We looked at who we can invite that is well known, that would appeal to the audience and engage in a celebrity meet and greet and in this instance, our special guests were Marcel Sommerville from Love Island and Lauren Pope from The Only Way is Essex. 

For USC's Oxford Street Store Opening, we considered what we could do that involved participation that would live in people's memories that was fun, audience and brand appropriate. We thought about giving them an experience that they would associate with the brand and encourage a following; returns to the store as well as maximising exposure across targeted audience. So, for the brand awareness event, we had a Glitter makeover by Glitter Girls and a 'Selfie Mirror' photo booth, which resulted in such a fun atmosphere. Of course, anything that encourages 'selfies' encourages shares on social media, which undoubtedly, spreads the awareness.

We created a buzz about the event via social media, event niche blogs and local press, prior to and after the event, and it generated so many sales and gained fantastic brand exposure.

What can really be achieved when you use the most effective brand awareness event PR campaign

What we can do for your brand will all be determined based on our brief with you in our strategy but always, with the objective of Boosted Brand Awareness. Many brands have come to us for a 'Reinvention PR campaign'; to reposition and promote a re-launch.

We promote brand awareness extensively, attaining a great reach, create hashtags for promotion on social media, run competitions, catering, provide entertainment, branded product and food giveaways, attention grabbing props, audience participation, product seeding, influencers, write press releases for industry, trade, lifestyle, fashion magazines and online publications and forums, get listed on event sites and the list goes on. You just need to tell us about your brand awareness event and you can leave us to come up with a successful compelling awareness event strategy that pushes the boundaries and makes everybody happy and wanting to share.

A brand awareness event is a golden opportunity to showcase your brand and we don't take that lightly. It is a chance for us to come up with more unique branding strategies that aren't the typical methods that people are used to seeing.