Music and Brand Partnership

Music and Brand Partnership

Little Mix's Collaboration with USA Pro

Who are Little Mix and USA Pro?

Little Mix are 4 female global superstars/popstars.  

USA Pro is a woman's high end fitness wear brand.

What did we set ourselves to do for the Music and Brand Partnership Campaign?

Build awareness and secure press coverage of the latest Little Mix collaboration with USA Pro. This is their 4th!

Strategies when working on Music and Brand Partnership Campaigns

Matching talent with brands can give great opportunity to reach and engage with a wider audience, whether through cross promotion, shared initiatives and ambassador-fronted campaigns. We have extensive close connections and contacts and we love to secure valuable introductions with talent and brand partnerships. So, if we are tasked with (or see fit for) seeking a collaboration, then we really think about what would be a powerful and positive mix. 

Collaborations are a super tactic for brands looking to generate hype and access new customers. Some of our best brand collaborations are merging fashion, street wear or sports wear with talent, celebrities, sportsmen, bands and musicians. Music and brand partnerships go really well since music is enjoyed alongside other experiences now and not just as they are. People don't remember an artist's last song but they may remember what advertisement they saw them in recently.

Many brands see the benefits of alignment with an always-on culture. Sports brands can go with the obvious fit of a well known sportsman and they are great successes. Brand partnerships don't always have to be complimentary and obvious though, since some brand collaborations want to mix it up a bit and surprise, to pique interest and we have succeeded in many of those collaborations, too. 

This music and brand partnership success with Little Mix and USA Pro's has resulted in a wonderful, creative and deep, mutually beneficial partnership, since Little Mix are USA Pro's ambassadors. 

You can see why the brand collaboration is hugely successful. USA Pro, a sports brand #designedbywomenforwomen wanted to work with respected women with passion for keeping in shape, with large, passionate, younger audiences. Who else to work with but the highly admired Little Mix, the global super star singers in a well loved pop band, who are also celebrities in their own right, who wanted to each design and own their own sports and leisure range. Little Mix and USA Pro wanted to showcase their pieces of a new range and get good brand collaboration coverage.

Getting positive press is our speciality!

So we sent Little Mix's sportswear pieces from the USA Pro Range to a range of various stylists, editors, celebrities and influencers and then set about writing the press releases for brand collaboration coverage. When writing press releases, we ensure that we are delivering the right stories to the right people at the right time. Timing, connections and relevance are always good keys to get them placement across the press. Our PR team with press background and connections across the media platforms, assist with access, since we are trusted by journalists, broadcasters and editors. We sent those press releases, along with the professional photography of Little Mix in the USA Pro outfits. 

What was achieved with this Brand Collaboration campaign

Placed in 23 publications, both regional and national outlets including The Telegraph, Daily Star, The Sun, Now magazine and Verge magazine, the brand collaboration coverage objective was achieved and exceeded.

For this music and brand partnership campaign, the coverage reached a PR value of £227,064.56.