Charity PR Agency

How will PR help with a charity

An expert PR campaign for Charities will drive deeper awareness, connections, emotion and conversation, which is what you will need to meet your objectives to create social change, promote donations, attract sponsorship, investors and collaborations.

Charity PR strategies

Every charity story needs someone to tell it well and to get the right response and reach objectives. When you want to promote your charity and create awareness, you may have realised that advertising alone doesn't cut it anymore. Charities need long term publicity and you will need a PR agency that will develop and implement impactful and emotive PR campaigns that will help amplify your voice; your charity, to boost awareness, funding and social change.

A good Charity PR agency will dig deep for your charity's story and the reason why it exists. Defining what your charity is all about with good storytelling that will talk about the issues and experiences and connecting it with the hearts of the communities that you want to reach, serve and educate about your mission and ultimately have a far-reaching positive, long-term return. 

For smaller budgets, good communication and the best publicity across the platforms will take you steps higher than you normally can, raising awareness, gaining credibility and attracting ambassadors, donations and investments. 

Many Charity PR campaigns include collaborations and partnerships with well known people, brands, corporate companies and influencers - celebrities, bloggers, vloggers - connecting to their audiences. PR coverage for charities done well can be so powerful for credibility and exposure with target audiences. 

Getting audiences to take action is what your charity is looking for, we know. 

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