Restaurant opening publicity

40 Dean Street Restaurant Re-opening

Who are 40 Dean Street?

40 Dean Street is a classic Italian food restaurant in Soho, the heart of London, who have been open for almost two decades. 

What did we set ourselves to do for 40 Dean Street?

After a fire in December 2016, 40 Dean Street went through a major refurbishment. We were approached to organise the re-launch party for when the doors opened again to put 40 Dean Street back on the map and in the minds of people looking for a classy Italian restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere at all times of the day, in the heart of London. 

Strategy in enhancing a Venue opening publicity campaign

With any restaurant, club re-launch or venue opening publicity strategy, we look at the long term goals, far beyond the evening itself, since continued and new patronage is what the venue owners are seeking. We enjoy creating excitement and encouraging client loyalty. We aim to put the venue on the radar with the right publicity, long after the launch party date, so getting the right type of engaging news in the right places is part of our strategy. 

Being in charge of the venue opening publicity party, we facilitated the invitation and guest list: The right celebrity guests and influencers can achieve good publicity. We look at audience and client fits, as we really understand the importance of having key influencers talking about venues and attending events. Friends and business partners were invited, of course. 

Seeking sponsorship from a beverage company and because we keep our eye out on all new trends, rising stars, brands and collaborations, we wanted wines that would blend well with the cuisine, the occasion and the guest list. So, we went for the up and coming fabulous, versatile and sparkling wines supplied by Wines from India (notable and on trend for wines that go well with Italian food), who sponsored the event. It proved so successful. 

What can really be achieved when you use the most effective Venue opening publicity strategy  

The long term goal and success of a venue opening publicity launch party and publicity would be to put the venue on the map of the place to go to in the area for whatever the venue wants to be known for and is known for, drawing on the reputation or focusing on a new, revamped one.

Often, clients need our help with a brand and personal profile reinvention or venue reputation revamp. Using our creativity, we generate engaging narrative to evoke wonderful atmospheres and attract new customers. We turn places around, as well as heads with our opening publicity campaigns. We build brands and generate visits from social media via influencers.

Engaging with clients - old and new- regularly to keep the venue top of mind as the place to go to, keep them interested and in the loop about exclusive offers especially for them and make them feel part of the venue's exclusive club. Keeping in the minds of people, creating excitement and making clients feel special are part of our unique venue publicity strategies. 

We are so pleased to say that we achieved what our clients wanted for the Venue Opening Publicity for their Soho restaurant. Everyone had a truly wonderful evening and the restaurant is back on the radar of people looking for a wonderful experience, great classic Italian food, charm, warmth and atmosphere at all times of the day, in the heart of London. It truly is a passionate place to be! 

We sent press releases prior and post event, to popular online news outlets such as The Sun online, magazines, food bloggers and secured airtime with local Soho radio. The coverage spread far and wide, reaching thousands. We are always committed to securing positive coverage and enhancing brand awareness with our venue opening publicity PR expertise and are always proud of what we achieve.